—died March 12, 1915, Pocantico Hills, New York), American educator and philanthropist who was the wife of John D.


. In 1886.

Laura’s ties to her parents and sister.


In 1924, our name was changed to Spelman College, and the rest is epic history!. The family lived in modest circumstances. .

John D.

D. . Laura Spelman Rockefeller, née Laura Celestia Spelman, byname Cettie, (born September 9, 1839, Wadsworth, Ohio, U.

Born 9 Sep 1839 in Wadsworth, Ohio. .


The Memorial's mandate was the promotion of the welfare of women and children worldwide.

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During its decade-long existence, he donated some $74 million to the Memorial. .

interests in New York City.



The Spelmans later moved to Akron, where. Rockefeller was the youngest child of John D. Name changes to Spelman Seminary in honor of Mrs.

He was the second of six children and the eldest son in the family. What is left of the Rockefeller family fortune is stashed away in charitable trusts or divided among hundreds of descendants. . . Rockefeller and Laura Spelman Rockefeller. Laura Celestia "Cettie" Spelman Rockefeller (September 9, 1839 – March 12, 1915) was an American abolitionist, philanthropist, school teacher, and prominent member of the.


. Laura Spelman Rockefeller (born 1936) is an American phanthropist.

In 1886.

Packard, which in return was named in honor of Laura's parents.

She is the eldest child of Laurance Spelman Rockefeller (1910–2004) and Mary French (1910–1997), and a fourth generation member of the Rockefeller family.