The ace of cups is a card that speaks about falling in love and opening your heart to love.

. The Ace of Cups Tarot Card.


If an ace means a beginning, a reversed ace could be a beginning that seems rocky or one where the ending of the last phase hasn’t been so clear; in the case of the Ace.

4 OF CUPS:. 3 of cups + Three of pentacles: Work party. It is a card of love, joy, and happiness.

Love: Learning lessons in love, working towards a brighter future, intense healing.

. The beginning of a relationship. .

. When the Ace of Cups appears in a reading, it signals that a new emotional phase is beginning.



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The Ace cards represent new beginnings or seeds and are known as the ‘one’ card. This tarot card also comes with luck, so they can also give a massive injection.

The imagery of an Ace of Cups is often a cup with streams of water flowing over the top, signaling all-encompassing joy.
The Ace of Pentacles is the card that represents the first signs of success.
3 of cups + Two of pentacles: Bartering in hospitality.


3 of cups + Seven of pentacles: Garden party.

Love: Learning lessons in love, working towards a brighter future, intense healing. Nov 12, 2021 · Ace of Cups Tarot Card Meanings. As Feelings: If you ask how someone feels for you Ace of Cups means that this person definitely has feelings for you and probably a lot of feelings.

. Tarot. Career: Grasping new ideas at work, challenging current rules and regulations, seeking a new position. Ace of Pentacles and king of cups. When pulled in a reversed position, the Knight of Wands indicates feelings of jealousy and that this person is lacking a sense of energy. This card turns the meaning of the upright Ace right on its head.


. With the pentacles, the energy is that of the earth and grounded energy.

You should find out how to discover your mind and connect with the spirit, allow the power of emotions to lead you in a new direction.

If each Tarot card shares a different element, combine the meanings of the elements.

It signifies that someone might feel drawn and attracted to you, and the Ace of Pentacles can present an opportunity to make those feelings ‘real’.

Three of Pentacles + Eight of Pentacles = a focus on work, money and/or material things.

This card is often associated with feelings of love, compassion, and empathy.